World Cup: Mexico beat defending champions Germany 1-0

World Cup: Mexico beat defending champions Germany 1-0

Mexico beat Germany 1-0 in Moscow after a well worked goal by Lozano.

Germany, the defending champions, lacked the touch on the final ball that they normally have.

Players like Lanzano were able to show off their speed due to the position that Germany left themselves in.

Germany had had some chances but most of them went to the keeper.

Five takeaways from Germany vs Mexico

Mexico counter attack

Mexico scored their first goal via the counterattack and it gave them the lead. From the start, they have driven at Germany hard and fast, placing quick passes and allowed players like Lozano to show their pace. They advanced into the space that Germany had made by having a large gap between their midfielders and defenders, which gave Mexico the edge.

Germany final ball

Throughout the game, Germany had a number of chances, from headers to shots but nothing seemed to work. This cost them and, as the match went on, they had the opportunities but were unable to act upon them.

Mexico speed

Mexico capitalised on their speed and it challenged Germany. From the beginning of the game, they were placing short passes and using their pace to move through the German team. This is something that you can expect to see more of from Mexico in the future.

Germany created space

Germany’s downfall was the space they left near their goal. When Mexico left the likes of Hernandez and Lozano in that space, they were able to capitalise and apply pressure on the defending champions.

Germany can be beaten

They may have had a perfect record going into the tournament and now they have been beaten. This is good for not only the other teams in their group but for those who may face them if Germany is to progress in the tournament.

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